Purport for Establishment of a Institute

 The intellectual achievements of the hundred years of the 20th century were remarkable. The amazing advances in science and technology made human life much richer than ever before. However, despite the increase in material abundance, there has been, in many cases, a decrease in human happiness and fulfillment. It is now clear that if the cold intellect is not balanced with a sensitivity to human well-being, it will be very difficult to promote the total happiness of humankind. “Kansei” means “sensitivity” and it also may be defined as “the functioning of the human heart in all its aspects, over and above the intellect”. “Fukushi” is “human well-being”. In the 21st century, the need to balance intelligence and human sensitivity will be paramount, and this is the starting point and rationale for the development and application of Kansei Fukushi at the Research Institute.


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