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Terms of use

About this site

  • This site (http://www.tfu.ac.jp/) is the official site of Tohoku Fukushi University.
  • This site is managed and operated by Tohoku Fukushi University.
  • Use the Contact page for inquiries about various operation activities in Tohoku Fukushi University.
  • If the external sites are linked to this site, Tohoku Fukushi University does not bear responsibility for the content of external websites.
  • Tohoku Fukushi University assumes no responsibility for any damage incurred as a result of the information obtained from this website (including the data type).
  • Contents and URL (Uniform Resource Locator) can be changed without notice.
  • If Individual pages on this site reveal the information different from the main page content this information is given priority.


  • The copyright of this site is the property of Tohoku Fukushi University.
  • Unauthorized copying of the contents of this site, reproduction, public transmission, translation, adaptation, etc., are prohibited as impairing the rights of authors protected by Japanese copyright law.

Privacy Policy

If you want to collect personal information through implementation of surveys and collecting public oppinion on this site the information cannot be used for other purposes as stated beforehand. However, note that if there is a prior consent, personal informaion can be provided when necessary for public interest and if required by Japanese law.

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You can freely use links included in the Tohoku Fukushi University site. However, please, clearly display that your link is linked to one of Tohoku Fukushi University site's pages.

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