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Faculty of General Welfare

Provides a broad range of education and research for gaining the knowledge, skills and practical training involved in social welfare.

Department of Social Welfare

Gain special knowledge in welfare and culture needed for understanding the human condition. Learn problem solving skills for the many issues surrounding social welfare.

Department of Education

Helps to aquire the skills necessary to teach "learning" to students from childhood to adulthood so people can lead a full life and build an abundant society.

Department of Welfare Psychology

Learn the basics of human understanding using psychological viewpoints, theories and methods to help people analize and recover from psychological problems.

Faculty of General Management

Attain the leadership skills and knowledge needed to manage human activity.

Department of Welfare Industry Management

In a mostly industrial world, learn economical efficient management by taking welfare into consideration and implementing healthy administration techniques.

Department of Welfare Information Management

In order to realize a vigorous welfare society, learn the management skills and information science needed for effective management.

Faculty of Child Development

Conduct research of the growth process from early childhood to adolescence and train human resources that are able to build the environment for safe and confident daily life.

Department of Child Education

On the basis of rich culture and humanity, commitment to nursing education, advanced expertise, motivation and a training develops human resources that can respond flexibly to children's daily lives and surroundings.

Faculty of Health Sciences

On the basis of Normalization and Humanity, brings up human resourses that share common holistic understanding of the principles of "dignity of life," and "dignity of man"

Department of Nursing

Helps to aquire the ability to work effectively in the field of health nursing practice on the basis of equal human care.

Department of Rehabilitation

In addition to the medical profession, develops human resources with a view for community rehabilitation in the field of health and welfare, emphasizes health care and disability prevention, health promotion through integration of theory and practice.

Department of Health Services Management

Educate professional personnel with specific medical knowledge and knowledge of management in health care.

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