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About TFU


Campus map

Number Building Facility Name
1 Administrstion Bldg.
2 Bldg.1
3 Serizawa Folk Art Museum
4 Fukuju-den
5 H-One Bldg.
6 2001 Bldg.
7 Library
8 Zazen(Medication)Hall
9 Dharma Hall
10 Tea Ceremony
11 Bldg.3
12 Music Auditorium
(Keyaki Hall)
13 H-2
14 H-3 GYM
15 Bldg.5
16 Bldg.6
17 Student Support Center
18 Harmony Square

Access map

Departure place How to get to the TFU Total time
From Sendai Airport From Sendai Airport Station ride the Sendai Airport Line to Sendai Station (one hour). Then transfer to the Senzan Line and get off at Tohokufukushidaimae Station. 1 hour 30 minutes.
From Sendai Station Train: Take the Senzan Line to Tohokufukushidaimae Station. 12 minutes
Bus: Get on the #24 bus and get off at Tohokufukushimae Station. 24 minutes

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