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Campus Facilities

Sendan Hospital

It seems as if our ailing society is causing people to have a lack of spirit. This hospital, established in June 2008, specializes in the fields of psychiatry, child psychiatry and internal medicine for both children and the elderly. From acute stages to convalescence we support a wide range of patients. Also, under Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) we can assist patients in their daily lives 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Kansei Fukushi Research Center

The Kansei Fukushi Research Center was established under a reflection that the past idea of culture was intelligence based. The Center was built with the idea that we can create a fruitful society in the 21st century, with the opinion that intelligence and sensitivity work together. This is the first research facility of this kind in Japan.


The main library is on the Kunimi Campus with an annex in Welcom 21. The library contains 330,000 books, 4,800 periodicals and 6,000 various audio/visual resources. In addition to academic publications, the library also carries general education magazines and newspapers.

Serizawa Keisuke Art and Craft Museum

A living national treasure, Serizawa Keisuke brought out the beauty in colors and had a talent in creating magnificent works of art. The museum has a collection of his works that contains 3,000 kimono and cloth works, as well as 10,000 works on paper. The collection also includes over 1,000 pieces of art from Serizawa's private collection from around the world.

Keyaki Hall (Auditorium)

Completed in 1994, Keyaki Hall is a professional grade music auditorium. The hall is used by established musicians from all over the globe, as well as general performers for community use. Orchestras and choral groups regularly hold performances here.

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